Derin Sevenler

Center for Engineering in Medicine
114 16th Street
Boston, MA 02129

I'm a Research Fellow at the Center for Engineering in Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. I'm working on finding new ways to diagnose and monitor treatment of cancer and infectious disease.



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Links to online software

Simulations of light scattering

IRIS Processing is a MATLAB utility for making high-throughput measurements with IRIS, a label-free biosensing technology. It's described in this paper. If you're interested in IRIS Processing or wave optics in general, you might also be interested in this interactive implementation of the reflectance of thin films.

SP-IRIS-BEM is a collection of MATLAB functions for simulating single-nanoparticles imaged with IRIS, using the excellent Metallic Nanoparticle Boundary Element Method (MNPBEM) toolbox developed by others. It's described in this paper.

Device Adapters for Micro-Manager

Micro-manager is an open-source software toolkit for controlling scientific microscopes. The below hardware adapters aren't part of the core micro-manager project but they are all BSD licensed, so feel free to use & improve them if they'll help your microscopy application: